Greeting from President

Japanese emperor oak cake for Boys Festival, cheery leaf cake for Girls Festival, inside-out bean paste cake for spring/fall soul-honoring periods, and moon dumplings. At every special event to celebrate the change of seasons or in daily life, Japanese people enjoy various Japanese sweets and have nurtured sensible culture.

HINOMOTO-KOKUFUN Co. Ltd. has been manufacturing/selling “powdered rice” to make seasonal sweets of each season for over 130 years since our founding. We have been injecting new ideas to the good old tradition.

At the same time, we have never ceased to promptly reflect the increasingly diversified culinary culture as well as upgrading facility, technology and capabilities of our staffs. Especially important for us is the cultivation of new categories by the flexible mindset which shapes the key mission of one of the long-standing companies that has been helping to create richer culinary culture in Japan.

We will try even harder to meet your expectation by a wide array of safe and secure products to match with your needs while integrating the tradition and the latest technology. I humbly ask for your kindest support.

NOBORU KURODA   president

Company Profile

Company Profile

Establishment February 11, 1887
Capital 72,600,000 Yen

Hiroshi Kuroda, Chairman and Representative Director

Noboru Kuroda, President and Representative Director


Head Office / Tochigi Factory   MAP (View Google Maps)
3-2-15, Wakagi-cho, Oyama, Tochigi Prefecture, 323-0028 Japan
Tel. +81-285-22-1157 Fax. +81-285-24-0669

Head Sales Office   MAP (View Google Maps)
Kuramochi Kogyo BLDG. 2F, 516 Kamiko-cho, Omiya-ku, Saitama, Saitama Prefecture, 330-0855 Japan
Tel. +81-48-615-1157 Fax. +81-48-615-1160

Osaka Sales Office   MAP (View Google Maps)
TEK Dai-ichi BLDG. 7F, 10-40, Hiroshiba-cho, Suita, Osaka Prefecture, 564-0052 Japan
Tel. +81-6-6369-1157 Fax. +81-6-6369-1188

Nagoya Sales Office   MAP (View Google Maps)
C/O Osaka Food Provision Co., Ltd.
84 Hakusan, Kunotsubo, Kitanagoya, Aichi Prefecture, 481-0041 Jpana
Tel. +81-568-58-5757 Fax. +81-568-58-7300

Oyama Distribution Center   MAP (View Google Maps)
1840-1, Simo-Tsuboyama, Shimotsuke, Tochigi Prefecture, 323-0115 Japan
Tel. +81-285-47-1157 Fax. +81-285-48-5757

Tochigi factory site / 15,000m2 Total building area / 9,000m2
Oyama Logistics
site / 7,000m2 Total building area / 6,000m2
Monthly production / 2,000 t
Manufacturing and processing cereal flours and agricultural products, and trading raw materials and final products
Business Line Various rice flours and other confectionsery products for both food industry and retail

Osaka Food Provision Co., Ltd.

Tateyama Co., Ltd.

Meister Hinomoto Co., Ltd.

Sanatorium Hinomoto Karuizawa Sanso

Head Office / Tochigi Factory

Oyama Logistics Center

Company Office

Company Office

Head Sales Office
Osaka Sales Office / Nagoya Sales Office
In order to quickly answer to our customers’ needs, we present new ideas and support new product development including the combo of rice flour and other food items. If you have any questions regarding rice flour, please don’t hesitate to ask us.
Planning and Development Department
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We support you from the technical and quality perspectives, e.g. production of trial samples and recipes to suit your needs. We are happy to visit you with our Sales staff.
Purchasing / Logistics Department
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On top of our own products, we offer a variety of related third-party products to meet your needs. (Procurement)
In order to offer the sense of security when using our products, we ensure the temperature- controlled storage at the distribution center and prompt shipment. (Logistics)
Manufacturing Headquarters /
Manufacturing Department
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We utilize the milling technology/know-how we have been historically developing as well as the food safety management system based on FSSC22000 to produce stable quality products that meet your any needs.
Manufacturing Headquarters /
Business Department
We work closely with the major rice producing regions to purchase safe and sound ingredients.
Quality assurance department
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Conducting tests and inspections including physicochemical and hygiene tests of ingredients and products, we develop new milling technologies and answer to our customers needs to provide the “security” by “safe” and “stable” products.
Administration Headquarters /
President’s Office
I am a secretary for our president. I often meet with visitors to the HQ.
Administration Headquarters /
Administration Department
We are responsible for accounting, finance, system, general affairs, HR, and administrative works for sales order management. Our accountable staffs are known for their accurate data input and PC expertise.
Management Headquarters /
Corporate Planning Department
We build PR/Corporate Plans, manage and analyze their outcome. We lead the sustainability actions as the company-wide initiative.
Management Headquarters /
Related Business Department
We are responsible for the business administration of our group companies.

When It Comes to Rice Flour, Leave It to Us

Base Philosophy

Base Philosophy

We contribute to the development of the increasingly diversifying culinary culture via processing “rice”, and pursue the development of products that meet the social needs.

We value the internal and external communication under the spirit of “harmony”, and pursue the happiness of employees and growth of the company while coexisting with the society.

  1. We regularly review and continuously improve our quality management   system to sustain its validity and adequacy.
  2. We respect all relevant laws and regulations to provide safe and sound products, and accurately address requests from our customers to further improve the customer satisfaction.
  3. We ensure to notify all employees of this quality policy, devote ourselves to personnel development, and commit to our works to achieve the quality target of own department.

June 15, 2021
Noboru Kuroda, president

Corporate History

Hanging scroll of powdered grandmother

Corporate History

Since our founding during Meiji Era in 1887, we have thrived in five different eras of Meiji, Taisho, Showa, Heisei and Reiwa. We are committed to staying with the sincere production/development of products our customers can trusts.

This is the digitalized image of hanging scroll that has been passed down to generations of our founding family, the Kuroda. As this lady is very lovable, she appears on our paper bags and other tools as the face of our company.

1887 Matsugoro Kuroda starts grainbusiness in Hyogo Prefecture.
1927 Hinomoto Shokuryo Kogyo KK is established in Tsurumi, Osaka.
1932 Kyoto branch is established.
1941 Kumamoto Shokuryo Kogyo KK is established.
1943 Osaka Factory is designated by the government to produce cereal flour and bread for infants and children in the post-war era.
1945 Became a government-designated consignment processing factory.
1949 Became a government-designated processing factory for producing flour for childcare.
1951 Became a designated bread factory for school lunch.
1962 Tochigi Kokufun KK is established in Oyama, Tochigi.
1965 The company name is changed to HINOMOTO CEREALS FLOUR MILLING CO.,LTD.
Osaka Factory is moved to Daito, Osaka.
1971 Head Office is moved to Daito, Osaka.
1975 Tokyo sales office opened.
1976 New Tochigi Factory is completed.
1979 Hiroshi Kuroda appointed president.
1980 Nagoya sales office is opened.
1984 A low-temperature warehouse is completed in Tochigi.
1987 Tochigi Second Factory is completed.
1988 Established a flour factory in the United States (California).
1989 New office and warehouse for Head Office is completed.
1990 Tochigi Factory is expanded.
1992 Nagoya sales office is moved to new building in Nishi-ku. Tochigi Factory is expanded.
New low-temperature warehouse, Laboratory and Workshop Hall are completed in Tochigi.
1994 Business collaboration with a Thai major rice flour manufacturer is commenced.
1997 Alphatized rice flour production line is added.
1999 Miki Kokufun KK is acquired.
2000 Rice milling line is added.
2002 Oyama Distribution Center is completed.
Tateyama Co.,Ltd. is acquired.
The qualification for manufacturing JAS Organic Processed Foods is obtained.
2004 Sun Flour Starch Industry Co.,Ltd. is completed in Thailand.
Business alliance with Semba Tohka Industries Co.,Ltd., Tateyama Co.,Ltd is formed.
New Plant for blending is completed in Tochigi factory.
2006 Hoshiyama Shoten is acquired and reorganized to KK Hoshiyama.
Head Office is moved to Tokyo.
2008 Rice milling factory is expanded.
2010 New pulverizer for producing finer rice flour is installed.
Stamp milling line is expanded.
2012 Mixing and packaging processes are expanded.
2014 Enterprise resource planning system is renewed.
2017 Mixing and packaging processes are renewed.
2019 Head Office is moved to Oyama, Tochigi.
Stamp milling line is expanded.
Tokyo Branch moved to Omiya-ku, Saitama.
2020 Nagoya Branch founded in Osaka Syokuryouoroshi Nagoya Office.
Acquired FSSC22000.
2021 Hiroshi Kuroda appointed chairman.
Noboru Kuroda appointed president.