Founded in 1887.
We know inside and out about rice.

"Rice flour" has a long history. It goes back to the deep-fried flat Chinese cake Japanese delegates brought back in Nara Era from the Tang Dynasty China. With the development of tea ceremony in Edo Era, uniquely Japanese sweets made with rice flour were created one after another. The literature from that period shows the manufacturing process of non-glutinous rice and sticky rice granule.

As you can see, rice flour has been used to make Japanese sweets since old times. With the advancement of milling technology, finer flour has become available, and it is now used for bread and cakes as well.

The self-supporting rate of food-grade rice is 100%. Rice is the only crop the sufficient quantity to meet the consumption need is grown domestically. Yet, the rice consumption is decreasing year after year. Thus, we believe the wider use of rice flour leads to the better self-supporting rate. Creating the future of eating habits with rice flour is the mission the company which knows inside and out of rice must accomplish.


Commitment of

in Quality

From the receipt of ingredients to the shipment, we set up a wide array of strict quality control item. Only the products that standard leave our door to our valued customers.

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World-class Production Lines

Under the thorough quality and hygiene control, the sophisticated technology and state-of-art systmem produce top quality products.

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Sure and
Prompt Delivery

The seamless coordination with our own distribution center is the key to our timely delivery.

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In Pursuit of Great Taste

For food ingredients, "great taste" on top of safe and sound is very important. Our test lab/seminar center is the home of our recipe development as well as seminars by third party instructor.

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日の本穀粉の米粉 LINEUP

Our Rice Flour Range
Our pursuit of specialization has yielded a wide array of rice flour products.


Perfect for DANGO,
and more.

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Perfect for DAIFUKU,
and more.

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Great for a wide variety
of food items
including cookies, sponge cake,
bread, karaage, pot stickers
and more.

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Perfect for MAMEGASHI,
FU-MANJYU and more.

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WAKONA Original Rice Flour Brand

We have named our products to indicate their purpose, but now we have "WAKONA", the sole brand we will nurture. The brand mascot appearing on our packages, "WAKONA-chan" wears Japanese attire on products for Japanese sweets, and Western attire on products for Western sweets.


Rice Flour is Simply Wonderful!
Rice flour has a wide variety - non-glutinous rice flour, sticky rice flour and many more. We will take your through each type of rice flour and the differentiation points from others. You will be amazed how wonderful rice flour is!

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Bread and Western sweets on top of the obvious, Japanese sweets, and many more recipes using rice flour!

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Corporate Information

We treasure the harmony. "Making everyone who is involved in us"
We want to be an organization with such capacity.


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